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Regardless of the size of your painting requirements, it doesn’t matter if its for a family home, investment home or a commercial space. If you need a Montreal Painter that you can trust and do not want to go through the annoying hassles. Such as purchasing the paints, the brushes, masking tapes, covering and protecting furniture or simply getting a soar arm from all the painting work. Do not think further just give us a call at Painter in Montreal. Our qualified team of experienced and friendly Montreal Painting Contractor are probably more affordable than you think. Not to forget that they offer a no obligation free quote, our painting contractor services work all over Montreal and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

What this means is that instead of you wasting your precious weekend or taking a vacation day from work as a DIY Montreal Painter. You can have a professionally done job, without the need to buy brushes or equipment you’ll use once and then throw out.

Do not hesitate to give them a call now 

Our Montreal Painter are also covered by their comprehensive insurance. Which means you won’t risk your safety or a back strain and their painters are covered for any injuries or property damage while working on your property. Take the stress out of painting, assure minimal disruption to your family, save money and enjoy a professionally painted home with our experienced Montreal Painter. If you are looking to get your home or commercial property painted by a professional  painter anywhere in Montreal and or surrounding areas. Please call our trusted Montreal Painter today by calling 514-700-6987 or fill out our free quote form.

You can feel safe that your home will be well protected during their work


Like any successful industry today, any painting business needs to innovate, drive improved safety processes, and connect with their consumers. This is crucial to staying competitive. Our primary function as a company is connect you with the best Painting service locally here in Montreal and surrounding areas. We have analyzed dozens of Painting Contractors here in Montreal to bring you our only top Painting service that stood out from the rest. It is our honor to deliver you only the best. We stay away from having a traditional top 3 contractors suggestion and stick with providing one option for you to choose from. Be rest assured that when we decided on who to work with, we have done the due diligence on getting them screened. Here is a list of things we look for:

– Customer focused
– Professionalism
– Quality of Work
– Happy employees
– Been in business for years
– High Reputation
– Available and want more work
– Meticulously clean during and after jobs

We combine the drive and ambition of a local independent business owner with the experience and expertise and simply connect you with them.

We provide; “A painting business service in a box” We help a local Painting business owner reach their business goals by providing a proven marketing systems that drives your potential business to their capable hands.

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